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Why is facial care more important than body care?

by Lena S |

Our skin is very important! It's our body's largest organ - and we don't spend nearly enough time treating it properly.

It is the protective barrier between the outside world and our body's complex internal systems. It helps with temperature regulation, the immune system, vitamin production and acts as a sensory organ (touch, temperature detection). The list goes on...

We spend years figuring out how to take care of our facial skin. We look for the best cleansers, toners and serums to keep us looking and feeling radiantly beautiful. But when it comes to personal care, we save in the wrong place and often opt for the cheapest products. Why don't we use the same high quality skin care that we use on our face on the rest of our body too?

Whatever your skin type is on your face, it's probably the same on the rest of your body. Clogged pores, breakouts, blemishes? Have you ever experienced this on your shoulders, your back or your legs?

One of the easiest ways to give your skin (and mind) some extra TLC is in the bath or shower. Your morning shower might only last a few minutes, but it's probably one of the only moments of the day when you can connect with and take care of your body.

Opt for products like the Calming Body Wash , a sulfate-free, vegan cleanser that contains a variety of nourishing ingredients to nourish your skin. It's extra gentle yet washes away the dirt, grime, sweat and sebum that clogs pores and damages skin, while soothing aloe, argan oil, radish root ferment and collagen amino acids rebalance and nourish skin.

Follow with a good body cream to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliate from time to time to remove dead, dry skin cells and leave skin even smoother and softer.

It's hard to describe how good choosing the right product feels for your body and mind until you try it for yourself. You can now try the Calming Body Wash for yourself and save 10% . There is also free shipping in Germany and a satisfaction guarantee for every order. You can find out more at .